Meet the Emerging Artist Award EVA Nominees!

Here are the nominees for the Emerging Artist Award category of our 9th Annual EVA Awards! The Emerging Artist Award is sponsored by Grenfell Campus – Memorial University.

Kailey Bryan

Kailey Bryan is a multi-media artist currently living and working in St. John’s, NL. She received her BFA with Honours from York University and was the recipient of the E. J. Lightman Sculpture Award and the Louis Odette Award for Sculpture. Kailey is a founding member of Toronto based collective Tongue & Groove, who create participatory installations with recycled materials, increasingly exhibited in public spaces. Kailey’s individual practice centers on commercially manufactured materials and the body, exploring ways in which bodies and environments – physical, social, and psychological – mutually construct one another. Moving toward installation, video and performance, she hums and haws about power, agency, and accountability. She loves critical discussion, large bodies of water, and puns.
Forthcoming are a solo exhibition as part of Eastern Edge Gallery’s performance series One Night Stand, a panel discussion at the Rooms, and new work for the Fibre Arts Conference 2015.


Malin Enström

Malin Enström was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and has lived in Southern Europe, North Africa and North America. The main focus of Malin’s practice is photography, for which she won an Arts & Letters Award in 2013. She recently had her first solo show, One of of Nine, which documented the lives and experiences of breast cancer survivors in Newfoundland. In her day job, Malin is a crime analyst at the RNC and a PhD student at Memorial University. Malin is represented  by the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art.


Mike Gough

Mike Gough was born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, in 1985. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in 2007 and in 2009 graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Education. Gough went on to attend Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, England, and graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in 2010. Shortly after, he was invited to exhibit with Witham Gallery in London for an exhibition featuring ten emerging artists from the top graduate schools in the UK, showing the future direction of British art. His work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, the UK and France, and is part of both private and public collections in England and Canada. Gough was shortlisted for the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Emerging Artist of the Year in 2013. In December, 2013 Gough opened his first public gallery solo exhibition, titled Retrace, at The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery as part of the Elbow Room Residency Program. Gough is currently represented by Christina Parker Gallery.

VANL-CARFAC Pre-Budget Submission 2014: Recommendation #5

This year, VANL-CARFAC made five recommendations to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for the up-coming 2014-15 budget:



  • The Rooms art gallery is key to the success of this province’s artists and their work’s legacy, while improving the well-being of her citizens. Currently, the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery does not have enough curators to adequately develop exhibitions by the province’s contemporary artists, and new exhibitions are less likely to tour to other venues in Canada. Stretching also results in extended exhibition runs and a lower turnover of permanent collection exhibitions. This discourages the repeat visitor. According to Hill Strategies The Arts and Individual Well-Being in Canada report (2013), increased art gallery attendance correlates with increased physical and mental well-being and social engagement. For example Art gallery visitors have an 89% greater likelihood of having volunteered in the past year than non-visitors, even after accounting for other factors such as income, age and education.


  • As well, an increased budget for the Art Acquisitions program for The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery. Maintaining and growing a collection is a vital activity of any public art gallery. Galleries do this as part of their mandate to act as cultural stewards for past, current and future citizens. The collection mandate of public galleries is broader than that of a program such as the Art Bank of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery Collection must cross historic periods as well as acquire contemporary works, and must represent the broader Canadian cultural context (and even international when deemed appropriate). This should make it clear that the current Provincial Art Gallery Acquisitions budget is too small to make the gallery an effective steward in this area. For this reason, we recommend that the Minister increase the budget of the program to match that of the Art Bank of Newfoundland and Labrador, a vital acquisition program with a vastly different collecting mandate. Both collections must be maintained and must grow in order to make the Provincial Art Gallery an effective public institution.




VANL-CARFAC Pre-Budget Submission 2014: Recommendation #4


This year, VANL-CARFAC made five recommendations to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for the up-coming 2014-15 budget:



As self-employed professionals, visual artists and other cultural workers are asked to provide their professional services and expertise by sitting on juries, committees and boards. These activities require a considerable amount of time.

Some of the bodies on which artists currently provide their expertise to the provincial government are:

  • The Arts and Letters Committee
  • The Board of The Rooms
  • The Board of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council
  • The Federal-Provincial Committee on Cultural Initiatives
  • The Art Procurement Advisory Committee

Self-employed artists are providing their professional expertise to the province but they are not receiving any remuneration for the time spent on these activities. In addition, the time that self-employed artists spend on board and committee work is time that they are not able to produce the artworks by which they make their living. For this reason, and in acknowledgement of their professional expertise, we ask that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador implement a policy to pay standard fees for the work performed for the government by self-employed arts professionals. Status of the Artist Legislation, if passed, would outline rates of payment for these types of services provided to the government, and would encourage similar remuneration for work done by artists on other non-governmental committees, councils and advisory boards.

VANL-CARFAC Pre-Budget Submission 2014: Recommendation #3


This year, VANL-CARFAC made five recommendations to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for the up-coming 2014-15 budget:



The NLAC sees an increase in project grant applications every year. In 2013 there was $573,658 of funding awarded through the Professional Project Grants program, but the request for funds was $1,494,820.  425 Project Grant applications were submitted, and 37% of those were approved, but at dramatically lower grant amounts than those requested.  Only 38% of funds requested were awarded, even though the quality of applications has been steadily increasing and the juries need to make hard funding choices between equally qualified candidates.

This means that 63% of the artists who applied for grants were unsuccessful, and the remaining 37% of successful applications being awarded funds that are far below the amounts they need to successfully complete their projects.  The reality of the situation is that no one wins; even those whose applications are successful are forced to make serious compromises in order to complete their projects at all.

In terms of sustaining grants for arts organizations, in 2013 the NLAC supported 16 organizations for a total of $575,000 – which was $103,119 less than the amount requested. This situation places arts organizations in stringent fiscal situations, many of whom have no other source of sustaining funding available to them.

As the professionalism of the province’s artists continues to grow, and stronger applications are being submitted, it is becoming increasingly difficult for assessment juries to narrow down many deserving applicants to the few they are able to support, and as a result the small amount of funds are stretched beyond capacity, forcing artists to try and make their work with drastically reduced resources. This illustrates a sector that is a victim of its own success.

We strongly suggest that the provincial government increase the NLAC’s budget from $2.1 million to $4 million in order to increase the funds available for grant support to professional artists and arts organizations. This would show the artists of Newfoundland and Labrador that the government values their hard work and their direct and indirect contributions to our economy. It would enable more artists to continue to produce the work that enriches our community life, and our tourist industry.




VANL-CARFAC Pre-Budget Submission 2014: Recommendation #2


This year, VANL-CARFAC made five recommendations to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for the up-coming 2014-15 budget:



Beyond the creation of artworks, a necessary element of a visual artist’s career is the ability to adequately access a wider art market.  Much of a visual artist’s income comes from outside of Newfoundland and Labrador: through exhibition fees from publicly-funded galleries; copyright and reproduction fees; visiting artist projects; guest lectures; grants; commissions; and through selling their work.  Therefore many of the province’s artists earn a significant portion of their income from elsewhere, and then spend it here. True economic development means new money coming into the province and this is one of the primary ways that artists contribute to the local economy.


The Market Access and Export Program was a granting component of the Cultural Economic Development meant to address this need.  These were not grants to assist with the creative side of producing artistic works, but to help to “expand the marketing, promotion and distribution of cultural products and activities.”  Artists were eligible for up to $5,000 to cover the costs of activities such as: the shipping and insurance of their work; travel and accommodation; the production and distribution of promotional materials; and attendance at trade shows and showcases.  As a result of a 10% cut to the CEDP program last year, the Market and Access component was eliminated; and, while organizations, festivals, and small performance series still qualify, individual artists are no longer eligible to apply to the CEDP.


The rationale may be given that individual artists can apply to the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council for some of these costs under Professional Project grants; however, there are two major impediments to this:  first, while the Market and Access program has been discontinued, the Arts Council’s budget has not been increased—a fund which is already strained beyond capacity.  In the most recent granting session for Professional Project Grants, in September 2013, the NLAC was only able to award 44% of the requested funds across all sectors.  Second, while individual artists can apply to the NLAC to support “creation, production, operating and travel costs,” the NLAC Best Practices Project Assessment guidelines explicitly state that marketing and publicity expenses are given a low priority by the jury.  Therefore funds to build crates, print posters, and buy promotional ads (and precisely the kinds of marketing activities that the CEDP supported) are not eligible.





VANL-CARFAC Pre-Budget Submission 2014: Recommendation #1


This year, VANL-CARFAC made five recommendations to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for the up-coming 2014-15 budget:



Public Art is considered to be a key component to the attractiveness and identity of a province and its municipalities. It demonstrates the character of communities, and we know that investment in the arts strengthens local economies. Indeed, support for the arts is a reflection of a progressive province. It increases public awareness and appreciation of the arts and stimulates the growth of the arts and arts-related business.  It encourages the use of public areas and it stimulates public art in private developments through example.

The dedication of 1% of the budget of all capital works projects towards public art commissions is a show of commitment to enhance the daily lives of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. By making a commitment to infuse more visual art into public spaces, the province would help lead the way toward a more enriched way of life for all of its citizens.

Applicable projects would include new building construction, major additions to existing buildings, park development projects, and new engineering structures like bridges. Art is not simply something to be experienced within the confines of a gallery. Public art projects could be as varied as sculpture, memorials, fountains, site-specific art, special lighting, special landscaping (land art), architectural components, murals, community art, and electronic art such as media boards. The policies for 1% for public art which have been adopted in several provinces and many cities across Canada provide a useful blueprint for the implementation of this important public program.

Spread the word!   #nlpoli    #prebudgetconsulations   #nlarts






Mail Art Fundraiser: The 2014 Edition!


You are invited to VANL-CARFAC’s 2nd Annual Mail Art Fundraiser! If you participated in this event last year, you already know what a great opportunity it is to get some beautiful, crazy, quirky, moving and/or generally fabulous pieces of art; and to give your own as well!

Want to know how it works? :

Step 1: Private Message or E-mail Hillary Winter ( your mailing address and donation amount (Suggested $10.00).  She will be taking addresses until Saturday, March 15. (More details below)

Step 2: Each person is responsible for creating three small original (mail size) artworks. (More details below)

Step 3: Once your artwork is complete, you just take a picture of your completed work and email it to and you’ll receive a message/ e-mail with 3 addresses where you will be expected to mail your artworks. The artworks must be mailed NO LATER than April 15th (Please!!)

Step 4: You will receive 3 artworks in the mail from 3 different artists!


Donation:  Donations can be made by drop-off (to the VANL office), email transfer, regular mail or through the PAYPAL button below. Whatever works best for you. However, please let me know when you send your address how you would like to donate.  I will reply to each message, so if you do not get a reply please contact me again (through facebook if you think e-mail isn’t working).   All money raised will go to support VANL-CARFAC (

Sizes: 3 1/2″ x 5″ (Standard postcard ) and maximum 11″ x 14″ . Mailing rates will vary, depending on the weight of the work and its destination.

Materials: Be creative. Drawing, painting, sewing, photography, sound art, collage!

Note: If you do participate in this event please honor the commitment and be sure to mail your three works. Last year left us with a couple of people not receiving all three of their expected pieces.   SO, this year, we are asking participants to send a quick pic of your finished pieces and send it in to us, at which point we’ll give you the three addresses where you send your work–which should take care of that problem.  This fundraiser is based on a collective act of good faith, and the organizers cannot be held responsible for art that isn’t sent.  However, we also have a few participants making extra so hopefully no one should be left empty handed.

And Please invite your friends!


(suggested: $10.00)



2014 EVA Awards Nominations: Deadline March 1st























Click here to learn more about the EVAs, or make a nomination!

Job Opportunity: VANL-CARFAC Sponsorship Coordinator

Job Opportunity: VANL-CARFAC Sponsorship Coordinator

VANL-CARFAC seeks to engage a professional with project management and fundraising experience acquired largely through working in the cultural fields.

Project:            Excellence in Visual Arts (EVA) Awards

Date of call:    October 17th 2013

Deadline:        November 1st, 2013

Title:  Sponsorship Coordinator, EVA Awards (SC)

Description:  The SC will create a comprehensive sponsorship solicitation strategy including a database of contacts and a timeline for delivery of funds. The SC will work in conjunction with the EVA Committee to ensure that all appropriate businesses and individuals are included in this database. The SC will work independently to deliver the sponsorship target amounts, and must have their own workspace from which to provide the service. VANL-CARFAC will provide the SC with all necessary background information on the organization and the EVA Awards, as well as a breakdown of sponsorship categories and sponsor packages to be distributed to key candidates. The Board of Directors and EVA Committee may also serve as primary contact for key sponsors with whom they have a personal relationship.

All work will be performed under the direction of the Board of Directors but under the direct supervision of the EVA Awards Committee and Executive Director.

Qualifications: Applicants must hold a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution, have a minimum of 2 years work experience in the cultural or fundraising sector, or an appropriate combination of education and work experience. Applicants must also have;
§  Demonstrated knowledge of the cultural sector in the province.
§  Demonstrated ability to work under a volunteer board or committee.
§  Effective oral and written communication skills.
§  Demonstrated experience in fundraising.
§  Strong organizational skills and the ability to work with a high level of independence; ability to balance competing priorities and exercise good judgment.
Computer skills, time management skills and a positive attitude are essential.

Evaluation:      Applicants must submit a cover letter, an up-to-date resume and three professional references. Applications will be reviewed and interviews conducted by the Human Resources committee.                                         

Project Timeline: Hours of work are to be determined by the SC according to the needs of the sponsorship campaign. Candidate must have a flexible work schedule.

Start Date:       November 12th, 2013

End Date:        May 30th 2014

Resources: Access to all VANL-CARFAC informational resources. As a contract worker, the SC will be expected to have access to her/his own workspace, phone, computer, internet and email access.

Target: The SC is expected to raise a target amount of $10,000 (including program ad sales).  Some in-kind sponsorships may be considered to count toward the total amount raised but must be cleared in advance with the EVA Committee.  The SC will be required to assist the EVA committee and Executive Director in the organization of the annual EVA promotional reception.

Expenses:  Contract awarding professional fees @ $3000. This fee will be paid in five installments: an initial sum of five hundred dollars ($500) payable upon signing of contract, a second payment of five hundred and fifty dollars ($550) upon raising three thousand dollars ($3000) of the projected goal; a third payment of five hundred and fifty dollars ($550) upon raising six thousand dollars ($6000), a fourth payment of five hundred and fifty dollars ($550) upon raising nine thousand dollars ($9000).  A final installment ($850) will be payable upon reaching the full projected goal ($10,000), the completion of the tasks outlined in “Terms and Duties” and upon receipt of the SC’s final report/database following the 2014 EVA Awards.

Deadline: All applications should be received no later than November 1st 2013. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

Apply to: , with Sponsorship Coordinator Application in the subject line.

For more information on the EVA Awards program, sponsorship categories and past sponsors of the awards, see the EVA Awards page of

Panel Discussion on the Artist Resale Right