CARFAC’s Advisory Notes

If you are a member, you can access all of CARFAC’s Advisory Notes by emailing Our Program Coordinator will forward you any advisory notes you wish as pdf documents. Available Notes are as follows:

  • Art on the Menu
  • Artist Dealer Checklist
  • Artist Exhibition Checklist
  • Artist Groups
  • Artist Mural Checklist
  • Artist Murals Contract
  • Artist Public Gallery Agreement
  • Business Entities
  • Copyright and Commissioned Work
  • Copyright for Visual Artists
  • Exhibiting-Selling Artwork Outside Canada
  • Exporting
  • Guidelines—Art Commissions
  • Guidelines—Fundraising Events
  • Guidelines—Juried Exhibitions
  • Health Hazards and Studio Safety
  • Hidden Dangers in the Sale of Artworks
  • Insuring Your Artwork
  • Marketing for Visual Artists
  • Model Releases
  • Notes on Art in Public Places
  • Original Prints and Reproductions
  • Preparing for your Tax Return
  • Retransmission Rights
  • Studio Health and Safety
  • Trademarks and Trade Names
  • Warehouse Studio Health
  • When Is a Photocopy an Original Print?
  • Writing for Visual Artists

To find out more about our Awareness Campaigns on Fund-Raising and Prints versus Reproductions, click here.

Please note that while our advocacy initiatives draw on years of collective professional experience in the visual arts, our advice is not legal counsel and should never be treated as such. If in doubt, contact a lawyer!