Rachel Gilbert

Rachel Gilbert was born in Texas with family roots in Newfoundland, moving to the island in 2014 to study for BFA in Visual arts from Grenfell Campus. Working as an interdisciplinary artist, Gilbert specializes in painting and printmaking with subjects ranging from animals and nature to still-life and portraiture. She has been working with the arts community since 2016, starting with the Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre’s Visual Arts Committee to her current position as the Communication & Design Assistant at St. Michael’s Printshop.

Tessa Graham (Vice Chair)

Tessa Graham is a visual artist hailing from rural Ontario. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Grenfell Campus, Memorial University in Corner Brook in 2015. After receiving her BFA, Tessa worked as the Program Coordinator for Visual Artists Newfoundland & Labrador (VANL-CARFAC) until the fall of 2017.  During these two years in St. John’s she volunteered at St. Michael’s Printshop and Eastern Edge Gallery helping with multiple events and workshops.  As an artist she works primarily with film photography and has a keen interest in silkscreen printmaking and typography. Tessa is currently completing her Bachelor of Education at MUN. 

Andrew Testa

Nina van Niekerk