Artist Talks with Sabrina Moores & Jennifer Young

VANL-CARFAC is pleased to present the second of two installments of artist talks by the participants in our 2020-21 Mentorship Program. Please join us via Zoom on June 28th at 8pm, where Sabrina Moores and Jennifer Young will discuss their work, their practices, and their experiences with the mentorship program.
Sabrina Moores is a polymer clay artist living in Goulds with a lifelong passion for art. Since 2017, her business – EJK Designs – has been her primary creative outlet. She creates mummers, ornaments, jewelry, and customized cake toppers out of polymer clay.
Jennifer Young is fascinated with being able to translate the human story into a visual representation. Transforming a passionate narrative that moves between abstract and representational. Her work primarily encompasses two media: oil and encaustic. Each allows her to express her understanding and expression of place in very different ways. Her oil painting style moves between brush and pallet knife depending on the subject and movement of the piece, while her encaustic work is much more abstract as it flows with the heating and application of the wax. Jennifer’s creative journey has been extensive spanning many years of learning, experimentation, practice and proficiency. Her work has been produced in classes, her home studio and a significant amount in various plein air settings.
The VANL-CARFAC Mentorship Program was created to provide opportunities for productive and supportive relationships between established professional artists and artists wishing to develop and enhance their practice. The mentors provide one on one encouragement, advice, information and resources to mentees, who are aiming to achieve specific professional goals. Funding for The program was drawn from the $120,000 Art in the Time of COVID fund established by ArtsNL to help the Newfoundland and Labrador arts community during the COVID-19 crisis