Tools For Visual Artists

Some basic information and guidelines are available for everyone. Detailed info sheets, toolkits, services and discounts are just for members.

Artist’s Fees Guidelines

How much should you be paid when your work is exhibited, used in catalogues, etc?  The current CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Copyright and Professional Fee Schedules can be found here.

Copyright for Visual Artists Artist’s Fee Guidelines

Basic information about copyright for visual artists is available for everyone.
A more detailed toolkit about recent changes and how to protect your work is only for members – email us to ask for a copy.

CARFAC Advisory Notes

If you are a member, you can access all of CARFAC’s Advisory Notes, covering a variety of topics related to your artistic practice, health and safety, the business side of art, and more.
Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective

Through its licensing services, CARCC can help an artist to protect copyright and to benefit from it. Collective administration of copyright means that there is strength in numbers. Some of the copyrights administered by CARCC are Exhibition, Reproduction, Reprography, and Telecommunication.

Newfoundland and Labrador Visual Sector Survey (2010)

The visual sector survey provides an overview of the exhibition, residency and training opportunities available to visual artists in this province.

Selling and Exhibiting Artwork Outside Canada

Don’t get stuck at the border because you waited until the last minute to get your paperwork. Planning ahead will make the process much smoother and save you a lot of stress.

Certificates of Canadian Origin

CARFAC certificate identifies original works of art of Canadian origin, allowing them to be temporarily exported abroad without GST implications. Members get a discount.

International Association of Art card

Grants free or discounted entry to many museums in Western Europe and elsewhere. IAA cards are available to CARFAC members only. More about the IAA card. 

Artist’s Contracts

Compiled by CARFAC Ontario, these contract templates were designed by lawyers to protect your rights as an artist. Far cheaper than having a lawyer write a contract from scratch, this book could also save you legal fees if you ever had a problem.

The Visual Artists’ Guide to Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan is not a simple task, but the long-term benefits of a plan will prove, in the end, to be very helpful to you and to those you care about most. For sale through CARFAC Ontario – members get a discount.

Information for Artists

Indispensable guide for artists with chapters on: Income Tax, Insurance, the Grant Application Process, Business Structure and Bookkeeping, Publicizing Your Work, Art Rental Programs, Copyright and more! 

Best Practice Standards

How can artists, galleries and dealers work together respectfully? These guides cover dealers, public galleries, art commissions, juried exhibitions, fundraisers, and aboriginal arts. Developed by CARFAC Saskatchewan. A version for Quebec is also available.


Other Information sheets

Covering taxes, exporting, income tax, GST, insurance, marketing, health hazards, business structures and more!

Membership Pays

As you can see, members of CARFAC have access to a number of important resources that could easily save you the cost of membership.

Your membership fees also work to bring the Artist’s Resale Right to Canada and make it possible for us to fight for minimum artists’ fees at the National Gallery of Canada.