Commision of Artworks, Kippy Goins Award (The EVA Awards)

Deadline: October 21, 2011


VANL-CARFAC is looking to engage an artist to produce a series of 3 original works or a series of three (3) original fine art multiples (includes fine art prints, castings, photographs, etc.) for the purpose of giving a gift annually to one Kippy Goins Award winner. This award is one of five awards to be presented annually as part of the EVA Awards (Excellence in Visual Art Awards). The commissioned works will be given each year for the next three years of the EVA Awards program. Offset reproductions will not be considered.


Artists submitting proposals must be paid-up members of VANL-CARFAC. Individuals may become members at the time of submission. Contact the VANL-CARFAC office for details.


1. The artwork(s) must take into account the concept or purpose behind the award. The award, so named for the small pieces of      wood one throws on a fire to “keep it going”, is meant to honour an individual, group or organization whose efforts have helped to sustain and build the visual arts sector.

2. The artworks must be small in scale. As a rough guideline for applicants, we suggest that you keep proposed works within range of the following measurements:

·         two-dimensional and framed works, approx. 11” x 17”

·         three-dimensional works, approx. 1 ft. sq.

3. The visual artists currently sitting on the VANL-CARFAC EVA Committee will serve as the selection committee to evaluate all proposals and select the artist for this commission.



Submissions can be made electronically via email to (with ‘Kippy Goins Artwork submission’ in the subject line), or mailed or delivered by hand to VANL-CARFAC, 59 Duckworth St., St. John’s NL, A1C 1E6. All submissions must include the following materials:

·         a written project description, no more than one (1) page in length, stating visual art medium, materials, approximate size and concept of the proposed final artworks.

·         a sketch or some form of visual representation of the concept

·         the artist’s CV

·         up to 10 images, saved as JPEGs, on a PC-compatible CDR or sent via email, of past work (Original artwork will not be accepted.) This should be accompanied by a numbered image list with image title, size and medium, and the JPEG titles should include the artist name and image number  (i.e. Smith_01).

Selection of ArtistNovember 30th, 2011

Final Project Delivery Date: April 6th, 2012

Fee:      Artist fee of $1,500.00 (firm) to be paid for the group of three (3) completed artworks, payable once the artworks have been delivered. Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Please note that VANL-CARFAC retains the right to photograph the artworks in the context of the EVA Awards

Ceremony, for the purposes of display in own website, newsletter and other organization materials, including newspaper

advertisements congratulating the winner of the award. The artist will be credited in all instances where the image may

appear. We will not sell or licence images of the artworks for use by any other organization.

For more information about the EVA Awards program, you can view program information online at www.vanl-carfac.comor contact the VANL-CARFAC office by phone at 1-877-738-7303 or email, at