James Quinlan

James Quinlan was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where he first developed an interest and appreciation for visual arts. After studying biochemistry, film, and Greek civilization during his undergraduate degree at Queen’s University, he worked as a high school teacher in Vermont where he encouraged students to see the parallels and intersections between art, citizenship, and science. Following his time in Vermont, he returned to Newfoundland to complete a master’s degree in Environmental Science and another in Public Health.

Through these two interdisciplinary programs, James realized the importance of working within different sectors to bring about synergistic energy and develop exciting collaborations. He is a member of the NLCAHR committee for Arts & Health and is currently working towards a sustainable way to bring original art works to the health care facilities of this province. James is very excited to work with visual artists across the province to promote artist wellbeing, the development of a more robust visual arts sector, and to advocate on behalf of the visual arts community. James has plenty of NGO board and committee experience including co-founding and chairing the Memorial University Community Garden, co-chairing Memorial University’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability, and representing Atlantic Canada on Health Canada committees and the Sierra Youth Coalition. James is currently an Internal Medicine Resident with Eastern Health.