Membership Benefits

Wondering if you should become a member of VANL-CARFAC? There are many great reasons to join our organization. As a member, you will receive:

  1. a weekly e-bulletin with information on provincial, national and international opportunities, calls, and exhibitions
  2. subscription to Calendar, the national CARFAC newsletter, as well as CARFAC’s Advocacy Alerts
  3. special prices on VANL and CARFAC workshops, seminars and professional development events
  4. access to information resources on a wide variety of subjects such as copyright, moral rights, taxation, funding, contracts, etc.
  5. free admission to The Rooms with membership card*
  6. free admission to the National Gallery in Ottawa with membership card
  7. a 10% discount off subscriptions to Canadian Art magazine and Riddle Fence, as well as purchases at The Travel Bug (let them know you’re a member to receive your discount!)
  8. eligibility to apply to the Colin MacNee Emergency Fund, which assists artists in times of need**
  9. special prices on Certificates of Canadian Origin for exhibiting work abroad
  10. exclusive eligibility for the IAA (International Association of Artists) card, which grants free or discounted admission to galleries and museums across Europe
  11. eligibility for our Artist Talk program**
  12. a tax deductible receipt which can be claimed as a professional expense
  13. option to have your bio, photo and website listed on our membership page
  14. option to be featured as Member of the Month on our Home Page
  15. subscription to Advisory Note of the Month and access to all Advisory Notes on request, any time by emailing For a list of available Advisory Notes click here

* free admission to the Rooms is available for all Regular Artist, Artist Couple and Student members, with current membership card. Please note that the cost of parking is not included with free admission.

**Open to Regular Artist and Artist Couple members only.

For membership rates and payment information, including Paypal, visit our Rates and Payment page.