1 – 100 Fundraiser – The Excellence in Visual Arts Awards



Whether you can donate 1 dollar or 100 dollars, we are looking for supporters to fill the board with 100 donations for this year’s EVA awards!
The Excellence in Visual Arts Awards celebrate the achievements of Newfoundland and Labrador’s visual artists and recognize the significant contribution the visual arts make to the vibrant and dynamic culture of the province.   The EVA awards are only possible with the support and generosity of the community, and whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every donation will help to support and celebrate our visual artists, our arts writers and the visual arts community.  
How it works: Select a number on the board and make your donation in that amount and you claim that space!  (1 = $1,  10 = $10, 25 = $25, etc).  
Click on the yellow button above to donate!  Click the image to see what spaces are available!