Founded in 1990 by CARFAC, CARCC (Canadian Artists’ Representation Copyright Collective) is owned by CARFAC and managed by the artists who serve on the executive committees of both CARCC and CARFAC. CARCC’s mission is to improve and protect its affiliates’ incomes through the licences it issues on their behalf. Licences are contracts arrived at through negotiation of the terms they contain – terms that define and limit uses, and establish amounts and terms of payment for the uses of copyright. Any negotiation necessarily includes the artist/affiliate, and CARCC will stand behind the licences it issues.

CARCC distributes royalties available only to collective societies, such as reprographic rights for photocopying of published works by schools and universities. It provides legal protection via copyright licences, offers advice on contracts and copyright protection, and uses the CARFAC/RAAV Fee Schedule as a standard for the appropriate minimum levels of payment.

Benefits of membership
CARCC will negotiate licences for uses of your copyrights. It will also provide advice on the protection of your copyright in any other contract that concerns you, including contracts for exhibitions or commissions. Negotiations are conducted at a professional level with the extra leverage that a collective organization can provide.

CARCC will invoice the user and ensure that you get paid.

CARCC will pay you any royalties that are due to you through collective payments, specifically reprography, and any other sources that may arise in the future.

CARCC will assure that you have representation for the use of your copyright within Canada and in many countries around the world.

How do I join CARCC?
Anyone who has created a work of visual or media art, or who holds the rights to a work of visual or media art, such as inheritors of artists’ estates, may affiliate with CARCC.

The Affiliation Agreement is available on CARCC’s website, (this site opens in a new window). Mail 2 copies of the Agreement to CARCC, along with a resume outlining your professional activities as an artist, including a list of publications in which your work has been produced. CARCC will return one copy of the Agreement to you, signed and sealed.

Affiliation with CARCC does not cost anything, but CARCC, per the Agreement, may retain administrative fees on royalties it collects. The Agreement automatically renews every 2 years, unless the Affiliate withdraws in writing. Affiliates must keep their contact information current with CARCC and are asked to send an updated resume every year or two.

For more information on CARCC, including membership forms, a list of affiliated artists, the CARFAC/RAAV Minimum Fee Schedule, and information on copyright issues, please visit (this site opens in a new window).