Guidelines for Application to Colin MacNee Emergency Fund

The definition of an eligible emergency is financial need arising from one of the following:

* Severe illness

* Accident resulting in inability to work

* Help with studio replacement in case of a disaster, such as fire, where there is no insurance coverage

To be eligible, the artist must meet the following criteria:

* A practicing visual artist working more than 50% of their time on their art or art-related activities

* Not covered by medical insurance other than MCP

* Resident of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Application Process
Applications to the CMEF should be made in writing to the VANL-CARFAC office, 275 Duckworth St, Unit1, St. John’s NL, A1C 1G9 or sent, by email, to

Download and complete a CMEF Application Form.

Once received by the Executive Director, the request for funds is passed on to the CMEF Advisory Committee. The Chair of this committee is a current member of the Board of Directors, who then appoints three other members of the committee, kept confidential from the staff and board of VANL-CARFAC. The members of the committee will be selected from at least two of the following categories:  art patrons, curators, practicing artists, and other individuals with knowledge of the provincial visual arts sector. These members serve for a three year term. There must be a quorum of three members to make a decision, and a proxy vote is acceptable in case a committee member is absent. The members of this committee are kept confidential due to the sensitive nature of the CMEF.

The advisory committee makes recommendations to the VANL-CARFAC Board of Directors, who have final approval of all CMEF funds. However, all names will be removed from the applications prior to Board approval in order to ensure strict confidentiality.

Once a decision has been made, VANL-CARFAC will notify the applicant in writing, whether they were successful or not. For more information on the CMEF, please