Artist Talk Program

Any artist member of VANL exhibiting work is eligible to apply for an Artist Talk, which will be paid at the current CARFAC recommended minimum rate of $322. Eligible exhibitions are defined as any solo or group show in artist-run, public, or commercial galleries in Newfoundland and Labrador. Members exhibitions are not eligible. We will also consider talks based on newly revealed public artworks situated within the province.

Eligible candidates are all current regular artist or artist couple, or lifetime members. Students and associates are not eligible for this program. Current board members of the organization are not eligible.

Applications must be made at least six weeks in advance of the exhibition dates. Please note, however, that applications are on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are depleted. We recommend you apply as soon as you are aware of your exhibition dates.

To apply, simply complete and return the application form via email or mail. We do not require support material for these applications.

VANL asks that the artist plan to talk for a minimum of ½ hour and a maximum of 1 hour, and that the artist invite questions from the audience after the talk. VANL will arrange the necessary equipment, however the artist may be asked to provide their own laptop.

VANL will work with the gallery to arrange the talk and publicize the event. Whenever possible, VANL will send a board member, staff member or volunteer to help with the event and distribute information on the organization.

Applications are reviewed by the Executive Director, with final decisions on eligibility resting with the Finance and Planning committee. Results are determined based on eligibility and amount of funds remaining in the annual program budget.

Should some funds from the Artist Talk program remain at the end of the fiscal year, they will be rolled over into the following year’s program budget.

Applicants will receive notice of results via email within 2 weeks of submission to the program. Artists are eligible for one VANL Artist Talk per year.

For further information please contact Program Coordinator Kristen Piercey at or 1-877-738-7303. Email or print this application form to apply.