Past Broadsides


A broadside is, by definition, a one page sheet printed on one side. The VANL Broadside is a bulletin posted online monthly covering events and issues facing artists in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The switch to the monthly Broadside was in the hopes to reach our members in a more timely manner than our old Newsletter, which was published bi-annually. It aims to keep you up to date and privy to the latest in Newfoundland and Labrador’s visual arts news, events, opportunities, and reviews.

This new digital publication will be available to VANL members on the 1st of every month on the VANL homepage and it will also be delivered to the inboxes of current members. The content you can expect to see here will be curated especially for you each month by the board and staff of VANL, but we hope that if you have something to share that would be of particular interest to your fellow visual artists, you will give us the opportunity of making the VANL Broadside a venue for it.


Below are the links to past issues:


#028 August 2017 (Bonavista Biennale Artist Spotlight: Will Gill

#027 August 2017 (Bonavista Biennale Artist Spotlight: Michael Flaherty)

#026 August 2017 (Bonavista Biennale Artist Spotlight: Pam Hall)

#025 April 2017 (The VANL E-Bulletin)

#024 March 2017 (The Lure of the Labrador Institute)

#023 February 2017 (Scattered Attentions at the RAC)

#022 January 2017 (The Rotary Arts Centre)

#021 December 2016 (Hang ‘Em High: Art at the Town Hall Level)

#020 November 2016 (A Reflection on Moving Forward Through the Pivotal Point Grant)

#019 September 2016 (HOLD FAST: Thoughts from Behind the Scenes – Part 4)

#018 September 2016 (HOLD FAST: Thoughts from Behind the Scenes – Part 3)

#017 September 2016 (HOLD FAST: Thoughts from Behind the Scenes – Part 2)

#016 September 2016 (HOLD FAST: Thoughts from Behind the Scenes – Part 1)

#015 August 2016 (Doing Hard Time in Hard Times)

#014  July 2016 (Health Benefits of the Creative Process)

#013 June 2016 (Interview with Kailey Bryan: Part Two)

#012 June 2016 (Interview with Kailey Bryan: Part One)

#011 May 2016 (Budget Cuts a Blow to the Labrador Arts Community)

#010 April 2016 (Post Graduate Decisions: Part Four)

#009 April 2016 (Post Graduate Decisions: Part Three)

#008 March 2016 (In Newfoundland & Labrador You Can Die of Exposure)

#007 February 2016 (Post Graduate Decisions: Part Two)

#006 February 2016 (Post Graduate Decisions: Part One)

#005 January 2016 (Artist’s Resale Rights)

#004 December 2015 (Fire In Labrador)

#003 November 2015 (Drawing with Gerry Squires)

#002 October 2015 (Remembering Colin MacNee)

#001 March 2015 (VANL’s Naked Man)